Relationships have always been a sensitive issue, with a fair share of controversy. The most significant issue within a relationship is arguably communication between both members. Most existing relationship guides exist to help the man understand the woman. However, Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey System does just the opposite; it helps the woman to go into the man’s mind and understand his actions as well as his motives.


About Secret Survey Author, Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is an author and a relationship coach, who has gained immense popularity for his relationship coaching methods. In just under three years, he has authored five books that have sold many thousands of copies. He has appeared on innumerable TV and radio shows including CBS Radio and Fox News. His teaching methods are unlike other relationship experts, as he focuses on using technology to improve the human connection. This mostly includes text messaging. Hence, he is probably the most unique relationship expert out there.

Secret Survey Review

The Secret Survey is Michael Fiore’s latest online course. It leans towards women who have been previously hurt by men, and those who seem to constantly repeat the same mistakes while in a relationship. Michael Fiore believes that the more people in a relationship know about each other, the less likely one or both of them can be uncommunicative, thereby leading to a better understanding of each other, and a better relationship.

More than four thousand women and men were interviewed for the survey. This immense number is the most significant reason why the course is said to be so effective. If thousands of people agree on one thing, then the chances of that thing being wrong are almost nonexistent. Due to the course’s effectiveness, it has also appeared in scientific environments. The course uses plenty of evidence which proves that it works. It has also been the feature of a number of environments, like the Rachael Ray Show.

Fiore delves into men’s minds to reveal what they think when they are in a relationship. It explains why men opt to do the things that they do. Fiore discovered that texting is a necessary way for one spouse to reach another.
This has enabled the program to reveal exactly what men want from women in a relationship. Among the most significant topics discussed in the course are the causes of men lying to women, even if they truly love them; why men cheat and frequently repeat the same thing again and again; why men often look at other women, if their spouses are quite attractive; why most men tend to keep secret from their girlfriends and wives; and how women may find out whether or not their men truly love them.

It contains a total of eight training modules. They are in the form of texts, audio and video. Once the purchase is made, the buyer has complete access to all of these types. Most buyers prefer the video format, as it is more engaging than using audio or text. They can also replay the videos as many times as they wish. The course lasts for just eight weeks.

This course is not just significant to women. Gay couples also tend to benefit if they wish to know more about each other. It is also helpful to men who do some of these things without even knowing why. The course is perfectly all-round.

Plus Points for Secret Survey

The Secret Survey goes into detail about the manner in which men think and act. This is information that would have been near-impossible for women to obtain otherwise.The information that Fiore discusses in this survey applies to everyone, not just women. However, it is particularly beneficial to people who wish to mend their broken relationships.The system is as comprehensive as it is strategic. Anyone can pick the survey up and then go through it without even the mildest confusion. The language used in the survey system is quite simple and even people with minimal education could completely understand it. This does not mean that the course is for simpletons; rather, the easy, engaging language makes it considerably engaging to read, listen to or watch.The program’s format is lesson-by-lesson.

There is a total of eight lessons, all of which spread out into four weeks, with two lessons a week. This makes it easy to set a fixed time for the lessons, especially as they do not take much time. This is beneficial to buyers who are ever busy and only have limited free time.Many consider it as being the first ever guide of understanding men. While nearly every guide has been aiding men in understanding women, there has clearly not been anything to help women understand men. Hopefully, this will be the first in many guides to understanding men.It helps women to prevent their men from cheating on them or lying to them as by the end of the course, women will know how to read their men. Instead, women will make their men feel so comfortable that they will open up in ten minutes, perhaps even less.

Negative Points for Secret Survey

Not all men happen to be the same, so the survey will not work with every man.The survey is not really secret. To the contrary, it contains information which most men have been trying to make public for quite a while.Some people might wrongly use the information in the survey, as they might begin manipulating men.The language used in the survey, while simple, might still be too complicated for some women.

Final Conclusion and Rating

The Secret Survey will work, and it is incredibly insightful. The scholarly tools and research-based ideologies used in it give it strong philosophical backing which make it fitting for its target population. Moreover, in spite of its few limitations, the Secret Survey brings a new representative dimension to understanding relationships. For once, there is a relationship guide for women instead of men. This will really help relationships. Weighing the survey and taking a circumspect account of everything in it, the survey deserves a rating of 9 out of 10.


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